Top Ten Import group (TTI) through its website, "Direct Importer" (ID) has clear primary objectives.

Provide spare parts, spare parts for all makes and potential suppliers, in one place.

Provide simplicity in finding, purchasing and order management.

Provide technical assistance for the correct choice of the piece.

We offer the best prices.

Provide assurance and confidence in management, and we always seek the best provider
and guarantee the delivery and receipt of product chosen.

We are an integrated since 2004 in the segment of business websites. Began arriving with shipping
and distribution service to over 35 provinces of Spain, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, then we
reach with our shipments Portugal, Andorra, France and other countries of the European Economic
Community (EEC).

Today we are the link between producers, sellers and buyers worldwide.

Disponemos de un amplio catalogo de productos.Importador Directo es una empresa del Grupo T.T.I.

We network Asia, Europe and Latin America, coming up with some of our products to countries like
Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.

In 2004 it was decided to begin expansion over the Internet, thus bringing our service to each of the
workshops and homes, creating a direct channel of contact between customers, manufacturers and

Nuestros envíos son Seguros y Garantizados.Importador Directo es una empresa del Grupo T.T.I.

Correspondents in Asia select the best suppliers and manufacturers to be sent this way products of
excellent quality, we can guarantee the purchasing process from start to finish.

Nuestros productos cumplean altos estandares de calidad.Importador Directo es una empresa del Grupo T.T.I.

Together we create a reliable website that guarantees the arrival of approved products and can be
chosen catalogs, reaching these places in the world where before they could not get those parts.

Disponemos de modelos para todos los gustos.Importador Directo es una empresa del Grupo T.T.I.

Contracts well developed and implemented logistics, allow direct shipment from the supplier or
manufacturer to the consumer's hands, significantly reducing shipping costs, which later
transformed into benefits and best prices for our customers.

Obtiene varios distribuidores exclusivos.Importador Directo es una empresa del Grupo T.T.I.

In this way, mechanical and individuals, they can get what they need without complications,
because "His calmness, is our concern".

 Direct Importer website (ID) is a company of TTI Group.

Contact us today and we will answer your queries promptly.

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